After School Kindness, Inc.

Benefits of After School Kindness, Inc.

We make sure most if not all homework is completed and checked by the time you pick up your child.  All directors, team leaders, and aides are committed to making sure every minute counts in having fun yet educational opportunities for all.​ Most of our directors have a Master's in Education and/or a Teaching degree.

After School Kindness, Inc. is committed to giving every child an opportunity to discover their passion for a specific activity. We bring in a variety of activities for the children to experience. We want families that are financially challenged as well as the not so financially challenged to have the same and equal opportunities for their children. In brief, each week we have a specialty day for the children that include a variety of activities from martial arts/stranger danger, to fire prevention seminars, theater/improv, the Colorado Eagles’ players making special appearances, dance, sporting activites, arts & crafts with holiday themes, kindness skills/group games, music, anti-bullying course, and much, much more. The education the children attain through fun activities is immeasurable. 

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