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Benefits of After School Kindness, Inc.

Quality Benefits

Homework: At After School Kindness, Inc., we prioritize completing and checking most, if not all, homework before you pick up your child. Our dedicated team of directors, team leaders, and aides are fully committed to making every minute count, providing both fun and educational opportunities for all children. We strive to create a safe and secure environment that fosters focus, boosts academic grades, and offers helpful group tutoring, provided by our childcare Directors.


Family Time Benefits: More structured activities and completed homework mean more quality family time in the evenings.

Easy Online Enrollment: Enrolling with us is simple; you can use our Online Enrollment link and access our After School Kindness, Inc. parent portal through EZ ChildTrack. All you'll need is your child's doctor-signed immunization form, along with the transcribed copy scanned and uploaded at the time of enrollment submission (see here). The process involves filling out and signing online forms through your computer or phone, making it convenient for you.

Volunteer Opportunities: Encouraging students to participate in local volunteer efforts.

Kindness Mentality: We prioritize instilling a "kindness mentality" every day. Our Directors lead by example and structure our activities to encourage students to embody kindness both inside and outside of school. We believe this fosters confidence and creates a kind atmosphere for the children to connect with one another. To reinforce positive behavior, we have a monthly reward system to promote positive behavior with their classmates and the community.


Empathy Workshops: Interactive sessions to teach children the importance of empathy and understanding. 

Structure & Quality Attention: We proudly serve private and charter schools in the Northern Colorado community. Our established program nurtures and enriches students' lives through routine and structured weekly schedules, offering reliability and consistency. Our program is designed to offer the highest quality care, with one director assigned for every ten students, exceeding state regulations of fifteen students.

Specialty Event Activities: Our core commitment is to provide every child with the chance to discover their passion for specific activities. We believe in offering equal opportunities to families, regardless of financial challenges. Each week, our specialty day includes a diverse array of activities, ranging from stranger danger awareness and fire prevention seminars to theater/improv, special appearances by Colorado Eagles' players, dance, various sports, arts & crafts with holiday themes, kindness skills/group games, music, anti-bullying courses, and much more. Through these enjoyable and enriching activities, the educational benefits for the children are truly immeasurable.

Creative Arts & Crafts: Engaging children in creative projects that promote teamwork and self-expression.

Affordable: We offer affordable tuition and flexible scheduling options to meet your needs, including full-time, part-time, and drop-in care. There are no contracts, and billing is made easy through our parent portal, where you can access billing history, make payments, and view tax information. Additionally, we have accounted for 5 emergency closure days for part-time and full-time schedules. We also collaborate with the Colorado Childcare Assistance Program (CCCAP) and Women's Give to support families in need of financial assistance.

Safety Measures: Ensuring a safe and nurturing environment with highly trained staff and volunteers.

Leading By Example: We support our staff to go above and beyond by encouraging them to attend your children’s plays, sporting events, science fairs, field day volunteer, and other extracurricular activities throughout the school year to show that extra boost of encouragement, attentiveness, and care for the children in our program. This is After Schools Kindness, Inc.’s way of leading by example.


Why Join Us?: Build lasting friendships, learn valuable life skills, and make a positive impact in the community! 

If you have any other requests or need further assistance, feel free to contact us!


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