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Don't have a scanner? No problem! Try these helpful tips:

Download the Free app: iScanner to easily scan and upload 

You also have the option to take a picture of the immunizations with your phone and upload to your computer (as long as it as clearly legible).

Is your child exempt from immunizations?

When enrolling, you have the option to fill out either the Medical or Non-Medical Immunization Exemption Forms online.


For the Medical Immunization Exemption form, please upload the doctor-signed form and submit it through the parent portal under the 'immunizations' section.

For Non-Medical Immunization Exemptions, state regulations require completion of a mandatory training course called the 'Online Immunization Education Module,' which is available at the bottom of their website. Upon completion, you will receive a Downloadable Certificate of Non-medical Immunization Exemption for your child. No signed Doctor's note will be required. This certificate is what you will submit through the parent portal under the 'immunizations' section.


For your child's enrollment into the After School Kindness, Inc. program through the parent portal, it is imperative that we have one of the following documents uploaded:


A transcribed version of your child's immunization record along with the original immunization form signed by the doctor.
A completed non-medical immunization exemption certificate.
A doctor's signed medical immunization exemption form.

Having one of these documents uploaded is essential to proceed with your child's enrollment process. Thank you for your cooperation in ensuring that we meet the necessary requirements.

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