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ASK Families Going Environmentally Friendly? Yes!

Join this FREE program to get your house running efficiently with Larimer County Conservation 

Visit their website to schedule your FREE assessment

Loveland & Fort Collins Families


Improve your homes efficiency for FREE

The Larimer County Conservation Corps has partnered with Fort Collins Utilities to offer services and products to improve your home’s efficiency at no cost to you.

During an assessment members:

  • Conduct a basic inspection of your home, appliances, windows, toilets, and heating/cooling system.

  • Install appropriate efficiency products based on your home’s needs. 

    • Products may include: LED light bulbs, water conserving shower-heads and aerators, smoke/carbon monoxide detectors, clotheslines and high-efficiency toilets.

  • Educate customers about water and energy efficiency practices and services.

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Scheduling for the 2024 season is now open!

Let's come together to restore our community and promote environmental awareness.

#EnvironmentalAwareness #LarimerCounty #CommunityGreening


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