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Child Model
Child Model


2024 - 2025 SCHOOL YEAR!

Step 1: Download, transcribe, and upload your child's immunization forms in advance by clicking on this link: Immunization Form.

  • Vaccine Exemptions: Click Here

  • This immunization form must be completed on our state required immunization form + the Doctor's signed immunization form. Upload together in (1) document to submit when enrolling on the portal.


Step 2: Click the button below to enroll on our parent portal.


Step 3: After submitting your application, you will receive an email titled "Registration completed successfully." This email confirms that your application has been received and is pending approval.


Step 4: Once your application is approved, you will receive an email titled "Registration Sign Up." This email will provide you with a link to log into your parent portal and a temporary password.


  • You will also receive an additional email containing your account number and your child's confirmed schedule for your records.


Step 5: Log into your parent portal using the provided link and create a new password. From there, you will need to access your account, set a PIN for checking your child out from the program, view the calendar, access bulletins and forms, schedule appointments, communicate via emails and texts, and manage payments and statements.


  • Please ensure to input your billing information and enroll in autopay for monthly billing (applicable for both full-time and part-time care) to complete the enrollment process.


Thank you for choosing After School Kindness, Inc. We look forward to serving you and your child!

(Click on the purple box on the right hand side that says: "Open account/ new parents" to get the enrollment process started. Click the register button to register your child into the After School Kindness, Inc. program.)

* Please Note: If you are a returning parent to our program you will still "Open Account as a New Parent" on our new parent portal. After you are enrolled you will click the blue box on the left every time you want to enter the portal.*

Screenshot 2023-07-25 at 9.30.43 AM.png

After School Kindness, Inc. Parent Portal

unnamed (1).png

(If you are eligible for financial assistance from an approved agency: CCCAP, Women Give, CCAMPIS, or Project Self Sufficiency.)

*Under the payment part of the application*

Once your enrollment is approved you will receive a confirmation and email and you will click that to create a PARENT PIN that you will type into our attendance schedule to check your child out for the day. Each parent authorized for pick up will need to be assigned a (4) digit PIN that only they are authorized to use. This helps us ensure the safety of the children by knowing exactly what authorized guardian is picking up the child. 


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