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Kindness Matters Policy

At our organization, our primary focus is on helping children cultivate a profound sense of compassion for one another. We firmly believe that compassion plays a vital role in fostering stronger relationships not only with their peers but also with their teachers. By encouraging empathy among the children, we create an environment of acceptance and teamwork, enabling them to develop excellent interpersonal skills. We firmly stand by the belief that kindness, compassion, and empathy contribute significantly to a child's psychological well-being and positively impact their future.

Quality Qualified Staff:

- Completed Background Checks (TRAILS, FBI, CBI)

- CPR/ 1st Aide Certified

- Group Tutoring Certificate

Group Academic Tutoring:

In our after school care program, we include snack time, outdoor play, homework/ group tutoring time, and indoor S.T.E.A.M. games to keep structure in your child's routine. They can interact with other children as well as get their homework done before they get home. We aim to help boost grades as well as be an outlet for the children once school is released. 

Important Health Note:

After School Kindness, Inc. will be doing staff touchless temperature screenings to make sure our staff is healthy and ready to assist your children. If an individual has been exposed we will contact the Larimer Health Department. They notify us of who should quarantine, when, and for how long. We will notify our parents by email and phone call to communicate if we close our program for the day to prevent further spread. We are here for you and we are working to keep you and your families safe.

To protect that person's identity we can not disclose any personal information. However, we work with our Schools and Larmier County Health Department as we follow all safety protocols and procedures.

Learn More About Our Program!

Our dedicated staff is here to assist you and answer any questions you may have, ensuring that all your needs are met.

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