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CEC Families!

We're almost there, but not quite!


Please hold off on using the "Online Enrollment" option for now. Instead, kindly provide your submission using the section below. By doing so, you won't need to make any registration fee payments at this point.

If you're considering after-school care for your middle schooler at either CEC Windsor or CEC Fort Collins Middle School, please indicate your interest below. Once we secure 7 full-time enrollments, we'll be able to commence our services. It's important to note that 2 part-time students equate to 1 full-time student in our enrollment count. Please be aware that drop-in attendance won't be factored into the enrollment tally.


As of 8/17/23, we're still working towards meeting the required number of enrollments. Your interest and participation are greatly appreciated.

CEC Families 
Pre-Enroll HERE!

Please include the following in the message:

1) Include what grade your child is in

2) How many days a week you would need care

3) Are you on financial assistance (if so which kind)

4)Which school: Fort Collins or Windsor

Thanks for submitting!

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