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ALA School Days Out FUN Camps

Open for all ALA students! Camp Days Only

If you are enrolling for regular after care services: Click Online Enrollment at the top of the page


Sept. 29th–Half Day                       

Nov. 10th—Full Day

Jan.  8th—-Full Day

Feb. 16th—Full Day                        

Mar. 18th—Full Day               

April 19th—Full Day

      2023 - 2024

Children Playing Outdoor



Arts and Crafts–Fun outdoor activities (weather permitting)--Games–Sports–Theater

Hello, parents of American Legacy Academy, After School Kindness, Inc. (A.S.K.) is excited to announce we will be offering half-day and full-day camps (on-site) at your school during the school days out dates listed below. We must have at least 7 children registered in order to run any camp day.   

Exciting Fun CAMP Dates 2023 - 2024

Sept. 29th–Half Day                        Nov. 10th—Full Day                 Jan.  8th—-Full Day

Feb. 16th—Full Day                         Mar. 18th—Full Day                April 19th—Full Day

Full Day - 7 AM to 6 PM / Half Day 12 PM to 6 PM

No Registration Fee–Regular Camp Rates: Full Day $90.00  Half Day $60.00

We offer discounts to all ALA students and ALA Staff and family members

Full Day = $75.00 p/day P/Child              Half Day $40.00 p/day P/Child                    (Avg. $6.80 per hour)    

Please Note: On half days, pack your child(ren) a lunch and afternoon snack. On full days, pack a breakfast, mid-day snack, lunch, and afternoon snack. We are not licensed to feed the children.  We are a peanut-free facility, please, no peanuts of any sort. Children are welcome to bring their favorite toys, blankets, pillows, etc. Any items the children bring, please make sure to have their names on them.


A.S.K. Members: We want to remind you that all school days out were calculated in advance when discounting your tuition for the year, knowing we are not normally on-site when the schools are out for half or full days. This is why there would still be a charge for extra days added for camps. To enroll for the camp days, please log into your portal and click onto the ALA Camp Days. Once you put in your email address, the site will auto-populate your info to save you time. If adding an additional family member who is not already enrolled in the ASK Program, please follow the links for Additional Family Members and put in all their information.

Non-A.S.K. Members: Please go to, then go to the link– On-Line Enrollment– and follow the steps. 

Specialty Camps: All rates are the same per child per day for school families and for faculty. Based on your enrollment, the rate remains the same regardless of how many hours your child attends the program. 

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